Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Flight 2 BHD-PIK

Flight 2 Belfast City to Glasgow Prestwick BHD-PIK  FR1437 Aircraft EI-EKS push back 0950 takeoff 1002 landing 1027 airbourne duration 25 mins distance 80 miles maximum altitude not known

Upon arrivial at Belfast city airport I was told off for photographing the aircraft upon disembarking which made me wonder if I have somehow landed in Greece instead! The airport terminal was very nice however and offered some great views of the aircraft parked up and the runway with the point of takeoff being directly in line with the terminal giving some great views!

It was soon time to leave Belfast however on my next flight, just a short 80 mile hop back across the Irish sea to Glasgow Prestwick.

Our aircraft EI-EKS looked very new shiny and new and indeed on looking it up was just 6 months old, in fact I could well even have seen it when I was at Boeing Field in Seattle back in March as there were 2 brand new 737s awaiting delivery to Ryanair then! 

The flight can't even have been a third full and despite only being a 25min flight I decided to sit in the front row where I could stretch out. 

After a decent crew on my 1st flight The  scottish crew on this flight were typical uptight Ryanair crew you could not understand them as they shouted down the tanoy then I got told off for having my Camera on my lap during taxi, whoops, not to mention the fact that the 2 Stewards were soo ugly, no eye candy there!

We were soon on our way though pushing back 5 mins early, we had a short wait for a Flybe dash 8 to land and wow what a view of it landing as the small aircraft struggled to get down in the strong crosswind!

We were soon airbourne and what an amazing view just after take off a huge bright rainbow spaning Belfast harbour, sadly I had to put my camera away so could get no pics, then I got a nice view of Belfast city center as well before we soared into the clouds.

I noticed the person sitting across the aisle from me Reading today's indapendant with the headline Ryanairs latest no Frills Idea, Sack the Boss! It was kind of funny to see this during a Ryanair Flight apparently a pilot has had a dig back at O'leary after he suggested doing away with one of the pilots any training up a stewadess in case of Emergancys! You have to wonder how much longer that pilots got a job for!

It was bit of a bumpy flight at times but we soon were over Scotland and the clouds cleared for some stunning views of the Scottish countryside upon approach to Prestwick.

We had a much smother landing at Prestwick as despite still being windy the wind direction meant we landed directly into a headwind.

I have only ever been to Scotland once before, when I was around 5 years old this stay will be just 3 hours before my next flight to Brussels but given the scenery I saw on approach to Prestwick I will have to get back up here oneday soon and explore the country a bit!

We landed at 1030 just 3 hours after leaving Liverpoool, amazing to think that I have been to 3 countries of the Uk in just 3 hours, now if only I could have got someone to drive me to the welsh border at 5:30am I could have done all 4 UK countries in 5 hours something that possibly won't be so easilly possible from November as Ryanair are unfotuneatelly pulling out of Belfast.

So 2 short flight down, 2 slightly longer ones this afternoon to take me to Brussels then onto Milan!

Ps might not be able to post blogs about my next 2 flights today as Im now heading over to continental Europe and out of the coverage of my Iphone data plan, so it will depend on if I can get free or cheap wi-fi

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