Thursday, September 16, 2010

Plane crazy Flying Day trip summary and Stats

Ryanair 4 flights, 5 countries in one Day, Trip summary

Ryanair often gets a hard time
In the media & some memebrs of the
public over everything from
Extra charges "to its supposed cheap flights" to bad customer service & rude staff and while yes, certain things could be improved the overall concept of the airline usually works getting you for a very low price, safely and on time from A to B, or in my case A to B to C to D to E! 

Yes the crew & staff can sometimes not be the freindlest airline staff ever but considering the pressure there under it can't be easy to smile at every passenger. 
Yes it's uncomftable seating, but my longest flight today was an hr 15 with about an hr 35 spent on plane so
It's bareable for that lenght of flight,

Yes there are a lot of extra charges, solution, avoid most if them, travel
light with hand luggage only, pay with pre paid MasterCard, buy nothing
or little onboard.

But overall I can't really fault Ryanaiar,  4 flights in 1 day between 5 different airports in 5 diggerent countries all arriving on time and costing me a grand total of £37+ a £2 bottle of J2O on my last flight!

I don't think there's any other airline in the world where you could make 4 flights in a day allowing you to step foot in 5 different countries for under 40 quid! 

I've been meaning to do a trip like this for many years but must admit despite my love of flying I was a little bit apprehensive about such a daytrip when I arrived at Liverpools John Lennon airport yesterday morning but it turned out to be a fantastic day with many places and effects that I had not seen before from the air despite having made 170 commercial airline flights!

Yes it was a tiring, getting up at 5am after only 3 hours sleep leaving home at 6am and not getting to my accomodation till 9:30pm british time

Was also a bit tediuous at times having to go through airport security 3 times (only at Belfast could I stay airside) 

Airport Security staff wherever you are in the world are programmed to ask, no mobile, coins, keys etc in pockets? And when you say no because you have prepared by putting everything in backpack they then won't beleave you,

In Brussels the security guy was so desperate to get me to take something off that I had to take my watch off even though I had gone through twice previously with no problems! 

I think next time I do a trip like this I will wear a T-shirt saying going through airport security 3 times today, I am prepared, everything has been taken out of my pockets & put into backpack & no I don't have a laptop in there, no I have no belt and NO my watch won't make the buzzer go off!

Will definatelly have to do it again next year, perhaps even do a multi day one, how about the challange of 12 flights in 3 days for under £100! Who knows it could well be possible!

Plane Crazy Flying day Stats

Flights 4

Airports & Countries visited 5

Distance flown 1154miles

Extra miles flown compared to direct flight 386 miles

Mins flying 205 (3hrs 25mins)

Mins arrived in Bergamo ahead of Liverpool direct flight 38

Mins I departed Liverpool before the direct flight: er 660

Number of times I had to go through airport security 3

Number of times security staff diden't beleave there was nothing in my pockets: 3

Culmalitive total of mins late deptarture 15

Culmaltive no of mins late arrivil. zero

Total cost of those 4 flights £37! Yes really including all extra charges, though most of those extras were avoided!

And last but not least the most important stat. No of Beers drunk: 3 yes that is all. honestlly! A Tennants in Prestwick & 2 Leffe Blondes in Brussels, airport beer is just too damm expensive I could have easilly spent far more on beer than I did on the 4 flights AND I had to keep sober just in case O'Leary had sacked any co-pilots yet, as I figured I with my experience I could be more usefull than a stewardess helping to land the plane in an emergancy!

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  1. I always wanted to be a pilot and I do admit that I am a bit envious of you. If you don't mind me asking how do you keep up with just a few hours of sleep on hectic schedules? Your plane sounds sturdy and I believe it is well maintained to be able to travel consecutive times in a day.

    Cash Carroll