Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Flight 3 PIK-CRL

I am out of contact with the online world writing this. With Airport wi-fi a rip off €10 for an hour I said no thanks that would buy me 2 Leffe Blondes instead!

So I'm sitting in the Departure lounge at Brusselss Charloie south airport watching planes and on my 2nd Leffe Blonde! it's good stuff despite the price, but you can get it for £1 from Tesco's these days so I think I will refrain from having any more despite it being 2 more hours till my last flight of the day to Milan

Right enough of talking about beer and back to the flying Id better write a review of flight no 3 to keep me awake, tirdess is starting to hit me having been up since 5am on 3 hrs sleep not 2 mention the 6.6% strong Belgium beer Im drinking having an effect so I apologise in advance if there are more than my usual hundred spelling mistakes and grammer erroors in this!

Flight 3 Glasgow Prestwick - Brussels Charleroi PIK-CRL FR7924 Aircraft EI-DAV push back 1330 takeoff 1339 landing 1557 CST (1457 BST) airbourne duration 1hr 18 mins distance 513 miles maximum altitude not known

Unlike the previous near empty flight this flight was tottally full, as we taxied out the 2 women next to me were very chatty and I Ended up chatting to then about this crazy trip Im doing today, They seemed to think it was brilliant what I was doing, great! just as long as they diden't think I was insane!

I was soon airbourne for the third time  today and this time I had my camera to get some nice shots of the Scotish scenery from the air although after 10 mins it clouded over, it stayed Cloudy for about 45 mins just as we were starting our decent I beleave somewhere east of London many thousands of feet below us I saw 2 huge jets which would have been on their final approach to Heathrow. We
Decended across the English Channel and after a very smooth flight made a smooth toutchdown at Brussels Charleroi airport to complete step 3 out of 4 of my Plane Crazy Flying Day!   

My 4th and final flight of the day will take me across the alps to
Milan and as I think the Sun is due to set about 30 mins into the flight I am really hoping to see a spectacular sunset from the air over the alps! 

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