Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Plane Crazy flying day!

Today, 15th September 2010, I am doing something which most people would regard as torture, but for me is fun, taking 4 Ryanair flights in 1 day between 5 airports in 5 countries, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Belgium & Italy! Booked 6 weeks ago during a crazy sale All for a crazy price of £40! All being well with connections I will arrive in Milan Bergamo at 2055 this evening, follow my progress throughout the day, although updates may end
Once I get to Brussels this afternoon if I can't get free/cheap wifi!

After a taxi costing £3 more than my first 2 flights arrive at Liverpool John Lennon airport, now half an hour later am stuck in a long security queue, nearly at the front now though and still have 45 mins before my first flight departs.

0715 Have boarded EI-DLH for
my first flight of the day the short 35 min hop from Liverpool to Belfast. Right better turn my phone off as were about to depart, speak to you in Belfast!

Flight 1 Liverpool to Belfast City LPL-BHD FR1426 Aircraft EI-DLH push back 0727 takeoff 0735 landing 0812 airbourne duration 37 mins distance 151 miles maximum altitude 24000ft 

Upon boarding the plane the bad news, I was surrounded by Man Utd fans heading home ie miles away from Manchester after only managimg a 0-0 draw last night at home to Rangers given the state of them, most of them had been up all night rather than staying in hotels.

The good news however we were on time and we were welcomed on board by Captain James Cook! I thought he was murdered in Hawai a couple of centeries ago!

After a powerful take off roll due to our light load we banked right and followed the river Mersey along and the clouds stayed away just long enough to give us stunning views all over Liverpool! I had sat on the right hand side of the aircraft hoping to get this view and was rewarded at last amazingly despite all my flights from Liverpool this is the first time Ive got a view of the city from the air!

We were soon into the clouds and over the Irish sea, the sun having not been up for long giving some nice effects shining off the wing. It wasent long before we started desending from our maximum altitude of 24,000ft

Coming into land on finals was VERY choppy we had a strong crosswind, a little kid in front of me who must have already flown quite a bit said this is fun but us the worse landing Ive ever known!

For a moment I thought I was going to have my first ever Jet go-around as the engines suddenly roared up but it was just a power boost to get us safely over the runway threshold and we slammed onto the runway pretty hard,  although Ive had worse toutchdowns in New Zealand. But Captain James Cook did a great job in getting us down safely! 1 down 3 Togo! 

0940 now onboard EI-EKS for a very short 20 min flight 2 Glasgow Prestwick! Speak to you there!

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