Thursday, September 16, 2010

My 4th & final Flight of the day CRL-BGY

Flight 4 Brussels Charleroi - Milan Bergamo CRL-BGY FR4526 Aircraft EI-DCK push back 1945 takeoff 1953 landing 2057 airbourne duration 1hr 5 mins distance 410 miles maximum altitude not known

Another pretty full flight we pushed back about 15mins late my only flight today that would pushback late but we would make up those 15mins as we were quickly onto the runway and airbourne just as the sun was setting. Sunset was earlier than expecting I was hoping it would happen when we were over the alps but the nights are really closing in now as it was I messed up anyway getting the chance to see the sunset from the air by getting my east and west mixed up and ended up sitting on thr wrong side of the aircraft!

It was soon dark but could it was a clear night as lights from various cities shone below.

It wasent long before we were decending towards Bergamo which is 40km north of Milan but we approached from the South right over Milan which looked impressive. 

Then the cabin lights were dimmed for landing and then wow what a view Milan looked amazing all lit up from the air at night, I even saw the San Siro football stadium lit up as AC Milan had just kicked off a champions leauge game there!

And then I toutched down for the final time today, 12 and a half hours after leaving Liverpool, well I say toutchdown NOT really true more like smashdown! it was the hardest landing of the day, even harder than the one in Belfast which was understandable due to high winds.  I can usually tell well before toutchdown when we are in for a bumpy landing as as you can feel the wind as you apprach but this approach dident feel windy and upon disembarking my suspicions were cofirmed there was no wind at all, we just had a crap Pilot! Or Perhaps it was one of the many pilots getting pissed off with O'Leary and just wanted to put more wear and tear on his aircraft! 

There was one final treat in store upon disembarking down the rear steps , a Boeing 767 cargo plane was taxing soo close to us that I felt I could almost toutch it! 

Upon reaching the terminal I noticed tht due in half an hour later was the direct flight from Liverpool, that had
departed Liverpool at 1830 11hrs later than I did this morning. That would have been a much easier way to get here but why take the quick and easy way of getting here that  woulden't have been so much fun and woulden't have resulted in me stepping foot in 5 different countries in 1 day, and what a day it was! 

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